Monitor and control remote devices with the focal intent of keeping track of your IT infrastructure. This is tailor-made according to your organizational needs.

You are provided with emphasized practical functionalities & simplified user interfaces which serves both, the non-IT user and IT professional. It also allows you to personalize your maintenance and support tasks from a central IT system, ensuring maximum security, agile access and flexibility from any location.

What Can the Right


Do for You?

Client Control Center is a remote monitor and management feature that allows service providers to efficiently manage and control their client’s desktop, servers, and laptops from a central location. This is suitable and applicable for small, medium and large business units.

Client Control Center assists system administrators and IT technical support in troubleshooting remote devices from a central location.

Dynamically built effective tools like advanced remote access control, system manager, remote software deployment, remote shutdown, remote file transfer, and more, permits a top-notch remote support experience and substantially reduces troubleshoot time from days to minutes.

Benefits of

Client Control Center

Resolve Work Emergencies, Anywhere, Anytime

This functionality gives you access to support your network of devices, on-the-go from at any time anywhere, allowing you to resolve sporadic and unexpected problems. It is a dedicated, built-in, single-click remote control feature with arterial functionality such as file-transfer, live chats with your clients and more.

Saving Power Consumption

An intelligent component that reduces your operational revenue. It assists you in tracking live devices with zero user inactivity, shut down of inactive computers, individual or bulk, and receive a detailed status report regarding your system uptime.

Chance of errors is reduced

IT offers you the convenience of remotely deploying applications to client computers from your Client Control Center, thus reducing your time usage, leaving little to no room for error. The applications are easily controlled and managed through deployment.

Help avoid unnecessary risks

Your business organization will be able to avoid threats which could lead to data theft or implementation of viruses not utilized for work purposes, etc.. You may restrict or control the usage of USB devices, specifically flash drives.

Reduce working time

You may categorically arrange your preventative maintenance program into two modes which comprises of operational or shutdown modes and set recurring timed functionalities to perform its scheduled purpose. The tasked functionality will automatically take effect, following the applicable set of rules you assigned. Group related task, specific conditions or select a preferred weekday form part of a few options you have for scheduling.