Who We Are

We specialize in IT solution development and services for more than 15 years under the name of Tanasan Systems Co., Ltd.. We dedicate to develop innovative solutions that enhance clients capability in endpoint monitoring and endpoint management, providing software that practically assist in improving performance of endpoint management at maximum security and reliability.

Tanasan Systems Co., Ltd. has the intention and determination to develop innovations to help increase work efficiency for every organization. Through convenient and easy-to-use operations, responding to all types of users’ needs.

What is KODE™

KODE™ is the secure and reliable endpoint remote monitoring and management tools that simplify IT performance monitoring and endpoint management for all stakeholders in your business operation.

With KODE Endpoint™ and KODE Connect™, your IT system is easily monitored and managed with the most intuitive user interfaces for both non-IT users and IT professionals.

Best Optimized Client Management Software


is an integrated IT maintenance and management solution system

KODE ENDPOINT™ is an integrated IT maintenance and management solution, developed to simplify day-to-day tasks in IT operation management and IT client management for all stakeholders in your organization.

The optimal software for remote assistance


Remote desktop software, for remote support, remote access, and online meetings

KODE CONNECT™ is lightweight and portable solution for remote desktop connection. The software is compatible with computers using window platform, designed to achieve technical support tasks, presentation and customer service