IT Support duty

It support duty can become a tedious & time consuming process, baring in mind that it’s an imperative factor for any business/entity in light of our digital trajectory of modern day times. Due to its importance, we’ve therefore intricately designed KODE, a simplified IT Client management software to better produce innovative results complimented with efficiency.

We always strive for excellence by the service we offer & realize that great support is not limited to saving cost or efficiency in operations, but also (i) systematic reinvention of established data, technology and operations & (ii) leverage between automation, data and agents, to ascertain the best results and exploit strengths from IT management software.

Outsourcing IT support allows you the advantage of accessing a larger pool of expertise because they’ll have a range of qualification, expertise and experience from their staff to cover all aspects of IT Software operational management, meaning that there’ll always be an agent available to troubleshoot even the most intricate of issues. Our end user’s always expect quick and easy resolutions to all their issues and with that said, do our best, at all times aiming to match or exceed their expectation.

KODE, being an Optimized IT Client management software, efficiently provides personalized remote support which offers 2 options, namely: KODE Endpoint 1) Lite Edition with features such KODE cloud server, Single Dashboard, Inventory Observer & Quick Report whilst 2) the Standard Edition offering you same added with beneficial features such as Flexible Dashboard and Client Device location affording assistance from anywhere on request. A centralized location allows you to remotely manage computers as well as support users despite being widespread over various locations and networks, automatically freeing up time so that your own personnel are solely focused on the day-to-day operational purpose of your business. With our simple-to-use Optimized IT Client Management software, we are sure to offer you the best-of-the-best systems complimented by well-defined and technologically innovative solutions.

Furthermore we aim to improve your IT Support duties with additional features on its respective levels: * Lite Edition- Manage your resources to suit your budget, Effective Decision making tool, Easy and Flexibility, Minimize cost of system downtime, System downtime risk mitigation, Accuracy and reliability OR *Standard edition with added benefits such as – Optimize IT Infrastructure Utilization, Smart & Simple platform and Information Traceability.