Strengthen competitive advantage in your IT system management with an all-in-one solution that simplify your day-to-day maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure, enabling virtual monitoring capability in IT asset inventory, tracking and management and increasing flexibility and accuracy in data collection and IT budget management.

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Simple, Fast and Complete

Endpoint Management

Centralization of IT operation system and decision making using the real-time monitoring feature accesses you to track your client’s computers and reduce expenses of irrelevant & unnecessary resources which includes the amount of staff, computers and equipment.

Prevent loss of expenses caused by the impact of risks associated with system downtime and unavailability of products & services KODE ENDPOINT™,by making use of the Inventory Observer to track potential risk trends and make provision to avoid risks that could affect the status of the workflow providing you peace of mind by trouble-shooting & setting up preventative measures to produce better results.


Reduce costs, Increase profits

Exposes weak business operations, in detail, disclosing areas that need more attention to perform better results allowing you the benefit of gaging a clear indication of what’s operational or not and constitutes an efficient position to either reduce costs or increase profitability.

Powerful hardware using

It improves the use of the company’s hardware, through the control of its good operation. For example, if a computer is not working properly, the monitoring system will then detect it, then confirm notice thereof, making allowance for a decision to be made, whether to repair or replace.

Software license monitoring

Asset management permits you to monitor software and the compliance of its licenses. This also serves as a preventative measure to avoid incorrect amounts of software installations which assures you that you have purchased the correct required amount.

Higher efficiency

Permitting access to the internet will indeed improve your employees’ work performance and output, but misuse thereof may hamper their productivity. A preventative measure such as restricting accesibilty to websites will increase employee productivity and workplace efficiency within your enterprise.

Extensive visibility capabilities

KODE ENDPOINT™ module can be configured for visualization of widely dispersed client computers, producing excellent and flexible performance for IT & office operators as well as executives that manage their enterprise.

Intuitive data presentation

There is no need for complicated and exhaustive training. KODE ENDPOINT™ Smart Dashboard is designed to be intuitive to any user and the graphic design allows for an easy and smooth navigation throughout the information.