KODE Endpoint Management Single Management Console


When opting to choose KODE as your preferred software, your entire supply chain is visible via a single management console so that you can view the computer status, license status and other related data allowing you to efficiently purchase, plan, allocate and utilize computer resources accordingly. Well, you can beneficially downsize by allocating work done through a centralized location and determine areas which can be consolidated through this avenue, then this will considerably decrease your expenditure, don’t you think? And by just minimizing your labor force you enjoy the added benefit of reallocating all these funds into better prospects. A super awesome bonus, wouldn’t you agree. The Purchasing tool aids time saving, work optimization and IT cost reduction thereby adding value to operations. It’s a multi-faceted and simplistic software that connects remotely to any Windows operated computer or server, there being no firewall configuration or installations required, nor hassles regarding file transfer, unattended remote login, multiple sessions, presentations or screen sharing. It is designed to be beneficially cost effective. It also gives an accurate overview and analysis of the resources while an assessment is being made of the existing resources, showcasing those that are being utilized or not, and assists to determine the outcomes towards the effective management of your resources. The dashboard view of the status of a branch computer allows you to view a summary of all your inventory and track the data collection, such as existing resource costing and inactive resource wastage, in an easily accessible report. There are two options to choose from – In-Progressive Inventories or Completed Inventories. Reports can be generated in XML, Excel and PDF formats. The purpose of this feature is to create a clearer picture of the integrated system for effective evaluation & resource management, allowing you to improve on your purchasing.

With the added convenience of a functionality built into this software, you are able to catalogue assets effectively, by showcasing the value of its dynamics in its current form.