“Cost reduction is the process used by companies to reduce their costs and increase their profits. Depending on a company’s services or product, the strategies can vary. Every decision in the product development process affects cost.” Wikipedia

Are you constantly evaluating your company’s expenditure on Information technology? Are you realizing that spending a lot on IT infrastructure costs does not guarantee its value or effectiveness? Are you always deciphering IT cost optimization tactics to reduce costs and simultaneously increase profits? Are you trying to combat the amount of manpower used in troubleshooting IT related issues, problems & risk factors which affect workflow effectivity? Based on our research we find that companies often relent on these imperative factors that every business will eventually need, going forward, in light of this digitally technological age we find ourselves in.

If you do not have a monitoring system, it will probably take hours before you realize the problem, which could cause significant loss of revenue. Real-time monitoring system alerts you of problems as they arise, allowing you to resolve the issue immediately. Cost reduction benefits based on our digital age trajectory enables you to be a competitor & contender in the current market. The sooner you start on cost reduction of your IT infrastructure, the better it is for profits and innovation automatically enabled. “A CIO Magazine survey findings showed that smaller businesses spend about 6.9% of their revenue on IT infrastructure costs, which is above the recommended 4-6% range. Medium companies spent an average of 4.1%, while larger-sized businesses paid 3.2%.” Have you considered the amount you spend on IT infrastructure per staff member per year? Rest assured you are not alone in struggling to meet the demands while maintaining profitability, hence we’ve produced an alternative to compensate a very important requirement and to assure peace of mind.

IT work life

Should your job require speed and efficient time management then this useful tool is essential for your organizational operations. It enhances the user experience with a full set of features that increase convenience and improves efficiency in your IT domain.

Benefits: improve control, service quality and customer satisfaction in addition to increased efficiency and productivity, reduction of marketing and operational costs, enhancement of growth and competitive advantage, which automatically allows room for innovation rounded off with peace of mind.


Well, if you can downsize by allocating work done through a centralized location and determine areas which can be consolidated through this avenue then this will considerably decrease your expenditure, don’t you think? And by just minimizing your labor force you enjoy the added benefit of reallocating all these funds into better prospects. The Purchasing tool aids time saving, work optimization and IT cost reduction thereby adding value to operations.


It support duty can become a tedious & time consuming process, baring in mind that it’s an imperative factor for any business/entity in light of our digital trajectory of modern day times. Due to its importance, we’ve therefore intricately designed KODE, a simplified IT Client management software to better produce innovative results complimented with efficiency.

We always strive for excellence by the service we offer & realize that great support is not limited to saving cost or efficiency in operations, but also (i) systematic reinvention of established data, technology and operations & (ii) leverage between automation, data and agents, to ascertain the best results and exploit strengths from IT Client management software. Outsourcing IT support allows you the advantage of accessing a larger pool of expertise because they’ll have a range of qualification, expertise and experience from their staff to cover all aspects of IT Software operational management, meaning that there’ll always be an agent available to troubleshoot even the most intricate of issues. Our end user’s always expect quick and easy resolutions to all their issues and with that said, do our best, at all times aiming to match or exceed their expectation. KODE, being an Optimized IT Client management software, efficiently provides personalized remote support which offers 2 options, namely: KODE Endpoint 1) Lite Edition with features such KODE cloud server, Single Dashboard, Inventory Observer & Quick Report whilst 2) the Standard Edition offering you same , with added beneficial functionalities such as Flexible Dashboard and Client Device location affording assistance from anywhere on request.

A centralized location allows you to remotely manage computers as well as support users despite being widespread over various locations and networks, automatically freeing up time so that your own personnel are solely focused on the day-to-day operational purpose of your business. With our simple-to-use Optimized IT Client Management software, we are sure to offer you the best-of-the-best systems complimented by well-defined and technologically innovative solutions. Furthermore we aim to improve your IT Support duties with additional features on its respective levels: * Lite Edition- Manage your resources to suit your budget, Effective Decision making tool, Easy and Flexibility, Minimize cost of system downtime, System downtime risk mitigation, Accuracy and reliability OR *Standard edition with added benefits such as – Optimize IT Infrastructure Utilization, Smart & Simple platform and Information Traceability. With our advanced knowledge of the industry, you are indeed sure to vastly improve your operational IT processes when choosing our user-friendly Optimized IT Client Management software.


The Endpoint Management tool is a centralized platform which manages both single and group computers and is equipped with innovative features that simplifies management and improves productivity for the user experience. What if you have to improvise on a limited budget??? Simplified for your convenience, from a single management console you’re able to manage resources to suit your corporate budget and minimize cost of system downtime in addition to centralizing your IT system operation and makes provision for decision-making by monitoring and tracking your client computers. It allows for you to control traceability of IT assets within your organization to avoid loss of expenses caused by impacts of risks associated with system downtime and unavailability. It also helps to manage your budget planning and IT infrastructure utilization efficiently and makes room for innovation. It enables the ability to optimize your remote support and maintenance capability with an unattended access feature, allowing IT admins to provide support to any computer, in your enterprise, through the flexibility of internet connectivity. Improves the use of the company’s hardware, through the control of its good operation. E.g. If a computer is not appropriately working, the monitoring system will then detect it, confirm notice thereof, which then makes allowance for a decision to be made, whether to repair or replace with the added ability to catalogue assets effectively by showcasing the value of its dynamics in its current form.

KODE ENDPOINT™ module can be configured for visualization of widely dispersed client computers, producing excellent and flexible performance for IT & office operators as well as executives that manage their enterprise.


Accesses support to your network of devices, on-the-go from anywhere at any time, allowing you to resolve sporadic and unexpected problems. Helps to reduce time, and travel expenses when remotely maintaining an organization’s computer, making it beneficially useful & cost effective. Our remote control desktop provides an automatic time and cost reduction benefit by eliminating the need for on-site problem solving. It is a dedicated, built-in, single-click remote control feature with additional benefits such as arterial functionality, enabling file-transfer and live chats with your client among others. An intelligent component that reduces your operational revenue. It assists you in tracking live computers with zero user inactivity, shut down of inactive computers, individual or bulk, and retrieve a detailed status report regarding your operational system uptime. With this tool you control every aspect of the desktop at a highly granular and contextual level.