You are able to track, with the added benefit of managing, your network of devices.

Prevents you from losing track of you client’s devices, as relenting from this software may put your organization at risk of non-compliance, software overspend, hardware downtime or security hazards resulting from threats or loss.

KODE ENDPOINT™ is not limited to tracking client computers, but also allows for the management thereof, throughout their lifespan, ensuring they don’t fall off the radar, preventing deterioration. This also permits you to rediscover, normalize, and reclaim your client’s computers to prevent mismanagement of hardware and software which could result in loss of revenue.

What Can the Right


Do for You?

KODE ENDPOINT™ tracks your client’s computers to produce better results. The configured solution design assists you in defining and following your workflow or implement ‘brand new’ processes. Irrespective of you managing hardware, software, server, client or software license, this provides you with a detailed overview of your whole IT asset position.

KODE ENDPOINT™ exposes your existing software in your current environment, tracks usage and identifies areas where IT assets produce better results. You are able to gain maximum performance and value by reclaiming unused licenses and reallocate software. Once you have gained insight through this process, you are then able to establish the minimization of costs, mitigation of risk audits, and transformative support initiatives which covers your entire IT environment.

Benefits of

IT Infrastructure Management

Greater Asset Visibility

IT Infrastructure Management grants you accurate identification, tracking and classification of your client’s computers. It provides the organization with a clearer understanding of the volume and type of assets they own, paving the way forward for improved future planning.


Asset management permits you to monitor software and the compliance of its licenses. This also serves as a preventative measure to avoid incorrect amounts of software installations which assures you that you have purchased the correct required amount.


The precise hardware and software are procured and installed according to your unique requirements & needs. For the progression of your organization, you will require consistent asset management from procurement stage to purchase order, receipt, deployment and then to the final stage of disposal.

Higher Efficiency

Permitting access to the internet will indeed improve your employees’ work performance and output, but misuse thereof may hamper their productivity. A preventative measure such as restricting accesibilty to websites will increase employee productivity and workplace efficiency within your organization.

Time and Cost Saving

You may assign system policies to specific users and computers which forms part of the entire domain, from a centralized location. System settings are automatically applied at computer startup and user login stage, resulting in reduced demand on technicians.

Extensive Visibility Capabilities

KODE ENDPOINT™ module can be configured for visualization of widely dispersed computers within your organization, producing excellent and flexible performance for IT & office operators as well as executives that manage their business unit.