KODE™ Introduces an intelligent and automated IT solution that strengthen your capability in IT system management, improve efficiency of your system performance, increase flexibility and security in monitoring, support, and troubleshooting and simplify your daily IT operation to suit all types of users.

It Operator
Simple, Fast and Complete

Endpoint Management

KODE ENDPOINT™ is a centralized platform to manage both single and group of client’s computers, equipped with features such as stored file metadata and copyright information, software installation and deployment, quick chat, policy control, work scheduling, quick report, and powerful integrations., including traceability and monitoring functions

KODE ENDPOINT™ enhance user experience with a full set of features that increase convenience and improve efficiency in IT maintenance, asset manipulation and performance optimization


Resolve work emergencies, anywhere, anytime

This functionality accesses support to your network of devices, on-the-go from anywhere at any time, allowing you to resolve sporadic and unexpected problems. It is a dedicated, built-in, single-click remote control feature with arterial functionality such as file-transfer, live chats with your client and more.

Reduce working time

You may categorically organize your preventative maintenance program into operational or shutdown modes and set recurring timed functionalities to perform its scheduled purpose. The tasked functionality will automatically take effect, subsequent to the applicable set of rules you assign. Group related task, specific conditions or select a preferred weekday to form part of a few options you have for scheduling.

Drill into detail

Access to an overview of your client’s computer data does not guarantee exposure of detailed information. Smart dashboard was designed to assist with the retrieval of such information and more by easily selecting the desired function.

Help avoid unnecessary risks

Companies are able to avoid threats which could lead to data theft or implementation of viruses not utilized for work purposes, etc.. You may restrict or control the usage of USB devices, specifically flash drives.

Time and cost saving

You may assign system policies to specific users and devices which forms part of the entire domain, from a centralized location. All system settings are automatically applied at computer startup and user login stage, resulting in reduced demand on technicians.

Extensive visibility capabilities

KODE ENDPOINT™ module can be configured for visualization of widely dispersed client computers, producing excellent and flexible performance for IT & office operators as well as executives that manage their enterprise.