Remote desktop software, for remote support,
remote access, and online meetings



KODE CONNECT™ is lightweight and portable solution for remote desktop connection. The software is compatible with computers using window platform, designed to achieve technical support tasks, presentation and customer service with features that enable administrator to remote control and access to client devices automatically. The featured functions in our KODE CONNECT™ professional include bidirectional file transfer, live chat, unattended access and multiple remote access connection.


KODE CONNECT™ is developed with the concept of smart and simple, emphasized flexibility and security in providing remote control and access connection to support technical issues in IT operation management.  The software requires no firewall installation or configuration, equipped with features to complete remote support tasks such as file transfers and unattended remote login.

KODE CONNECT™ is a remote control tool that is easy to use, secure, and reliable at unbeatable cost.


Remote Control

Makes your remote desktop connection secure, flexible and easy with KODE CONNECT™. Allow you to control and handle maintenance tasks using file transfers and live chat to any computers through internet connection, while you are away from office or staying somewhere around the world.

Supports Demonstration

Connect client devices with KODE CONNECT™, help you easily arrange products and services demonstration with your clients and simplify your remote support tasks using file transfers and screen-sharing capabilities to serve your customers at maximum satisfaction and security.

Unattended access

With Unattended access feature, KODE CONNECT™ keep lists of your clients computers and connect to carry out supports and assistance at any time.

Remote Assistance

KODE CONNECT™ help you access servers and clients’ computers to provide instant remote assistance. With the enhanced version, our KODE CONNECT™ professional, you can simply perform your remote assistance tasks for multiple users in separated window at once.

Freeware and Professional

KODE CONNECT™ is available both Free version and Professional version, allowing you to choose the best solution that suit your needs. The free version is for small businesses and personal computers, such as multiple connections from the same computer to several client devices at once.

Simple and Portable

KODE CONNECT™ is simple and portable, compatible with all computers using Window platform. The software does not require installation required, simply download the executable file to start your remote desktop connection with maximum security.

Shared list of computers and contacts

The professional version enables specific permission and authorization in company contacts and computer sharing features, allowing users and administrator to share address books of specific company computers or the whole group upon your configuration.

Group access management

The professional version of KODE CONNECT™ makes your client device management convenient and simple with the feature that improves the management of multiple clients with different access authorization of the entire IT system, allowing IT administrator to configure access, and organize clients hierarchically in accordance with the company organization structure or corporate structure.

Detailed Statistics

The professional version allows you to access all the statistics relating to your remote connections and classify your data into group of devices or users with the required specific date.


Edition Comparison Matrix


KODE CONNECT™ is available in 2 variants – Free Trial Edition and Purchased Edition. The table below provides a comparison of features available in the different editions and other edition.

Suitable For Small Businesses or Personal Computer with up to 10 computers. Complete Remote Desktop across WAN for managing servers, desktops and laptops.
CONFIGURATION Portable software
Proxy server configuration allowed
No firewall configuration
FILE TRANSFER Multiple and fast file transfer
USER LIVE CHAT Integrated chat
SECURITY Integrated encryption
Custom passwords for each remote client
CONNECTIONS Connect simultaneously to multiple computers
Multiple connections allowed to the same computer
Full screen mode supported
SHARED  Management of groups
MANAGEMENT Specific access permissions

* Internet Connection: KODE CONNECT™ performance depends on several factors, such as screen resolution, color depth, type of activity, available bandwidth and latency.

** Bandwidth usage: Typical usage for a session requires 500-1000 kbps. More intensive usage, such as video playback, will require more bandwidth.