Gain real-time insight into your operations through advanced dashboard.

SMART DASHBOARD features transforms large amounts of real-time data from IT operations or Office operations, into interactive & intelligent dashboards.

What is


Smart Dashboard displays real time information of the data specified in KODE ENDPOINT™ providing a quick view of the client’s computer activities in real time, thereby enabling a user to take necessary steps, decisions and actions.

Based on the roles assigned, the Smart Dashboards are designed to suit the user's perspective. The widgets display specific information and is illustrated in the form of a pie chart, bar diagram or as a list. Also allowing you to add drill down interactions to your charts as well as zoom in and out of charts, group by locations, branches, departments all in a single click. Further, additional information can be obtained by hovering over the bar diagram or pie chart on the widget.

Benefits of


Intuitive Data Presentation

There is no need for complicated and exhaustive training. KODE ENDPOINT™ Smart Dashboard is designed to be intuitive to any user and the graphic design allows for an easy and smooth navigation throughout the information.

Drill Into Detail

Having an overview of client computer’s information does not guarantee the exposure of all details. Smart dashboard is developed with the ability to retrieve as much information as required by simply selecting the desired function.

Increase Efficiencies with Faster Access

With KODE ENDPOINT™ your IT client data is easily accessible and actionable. Our SMART DASHBOAD allows you to monitor and measure performance in real-time.


You can analyze key data quicker and thoroughly, allowing you to clarify deeper for more understanding and source more answers. This serves as an effective solution to the overwhelming amount of data that IT and Office operations experience daily.


You will know what’s going on in your client’s computer at all times, indicative of what’s working or not. For instance, dashboard shows you exactly how many users opened the computer for work while such answers automatically appear on your dashboard.


Dashboard exposes weak business operations, in detail, giving you a clear spectrum of areas that needs more attention in order to increase results. By having a clear indication of what’s working or not, you are in a much better position to either reduce costs or increase profits.