Our automated and smart solutions help you personalize your IT operation management, increase overall performance of your business process, and make your works simple, convenient and flexible, allowing you and your IT team to quickly access and provide services to your client devices in real-time, regardless of your location.

Access Remote Desktops ,
from anywhere, anytime.

Connect to Your Desktop Remotely

A secure, flexible and easy remote desktop access solution that’s hosted in the cloud that can be accessed from virtually anywhere with an internet connection allowing you to control and handle maintenance tasks using file transfers and live chat, from another computer as if you were sitting in front of it, so your work is always just a few clicks away.


Money saving

If you do not have a monitoring system, it will probably take hours before you realize the problem, which could cause significant loss of revenue. Real-time monitoring system alerts you of problems as they arise, allowing you to resolve the issue immediately.

Saving energy consumption

An intelligent component that reduces your operational revenue. It assists you in tracking live computers with zero user inactivity, shut down of inactive computers, individual or bulk, and retrieve a detailed status report regarding your system uptime.

Intuitive data presentation

There is no need for complicated and exhaustive training. KODE ENDPOINT™ Smart Dashboard is designed to be intuitive to any user and the graphic design allows for an easy and smooth navigation throughout the information.

Powerful hardware usage

Improves the use of the company’s hardware, through the control of its good operation. E.g., If a computer is not appropriately working, the monitoring system will then detect it, confirm notice thereof, which then makes allowance for a decision to be made, whether to repair or replace with the added ability to catalogue assets effectively by showcasing the value of its dynamics in its current form.