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KODE Endpoint Management Single Management Console


Purchasing When opting to choose KODE as your preferred software, your entire supply chain is visible via a single management console so that you can view the computer status, license status and other related data allowing you to efficiently purchase, plan, allocate and utilize computer

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KODE Endpoint Management IT Work Life


IT work life We as a company of IT professionals, always strive for excellence in the service we offer & realize that great support is not only about saving cost or efficiency in operations, instead it’s about (i) systematic reinvention of established data, technology and operations &

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SOCIAL MEDIA SYNOPSIS IT COST REDUCTION “Cost reduction is the process used by companies to reduce their costs and increase their profits. Depending on a company’s services or product, the strategies can vary. Every decision in the product development process affects cost.” Wikipedia Are

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IT Support duty It support duty can become a tedious & time consuming process, baring in mind that it’s an imperative factor for any business/entity in light of our digital trajectory of modern day times. Due to its importance, we’ve therefore intricately designed KODE, a simplified IT

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