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IT Asset Management

Discovering and managing
software and hardware asset inventory
Anytime, anywhere from your laptop or tablet

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

IT Asset management is the process of identifying, discovering, and monitoring IT assets found in a network. You can manage LAN as well as work from home endpoints from a central location. Using IT Asset management (ITAM) software, Helping you decide whether to acquire new assets to replace or to increase the efficiency of the old one. This will help reduce unwanted expenses better.

In today's fast-paced world, devices are being developed or upgraded in the blink of an eye, at an alarming frequency. It is your job as an IT administrator to keep track of all these changes or updates and ensure that only authorized devices are connected to your network. KODE ENDPOINT Management's IT Asset tracking and management software scans your network periodically to fetch software and hardware inventory details and detect any changes in your network.

How are the benefits of IT Asset Management!?

Software and Hardware Inventory

Staying up-to-date and informed about the assets present in your network empowers you to make data-backed decisions about acquiring new assets, which will lead to cutting unnecessary expenses.

Prohibit Software and Block Executables

As a system administrator, you need to ensure that none of the computers have any prohibited software installed on them. Using KODE ENDPOINT's asset management software, you can prohibit software policy within a few clicks. You also have the option to notify the user and request them to uninstall the software on their own.

In some cases, malicious software doesn't need to be installed on the computer and can be run from an external drive. To prevent the usage of such applications, you can block these executables. This will prevent the application from being executed which will in turn prevent attacks/data breaches.

Hardware Warranty Management

Keeping track of hardware warranty can help you save unnecessary maintenance costs. KODE ENDPOINT's IT asset management software can record warranty details for the devices and has pre-configured reports for computers with about-to-expire warranty and computers for which the warranty has expired already.

Software License Management

Ensuring you're license compliant at all times can help you steer clear of hefty non-compliance fines during a software audit.

Supporting guidelines on the protection of personal data
According to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

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