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Monitoring and Control

Show overview and control of client computers in the organization
Anytime, anywhere, centralized

Remotely Supervised and Controlled

KODE ENDPOINT Management has a user interface that provide users with an easy-to-use. Easy to access from anywhere, anytime, through the browser. Users can connect to and manage multiple data sources. It also enable functions such as alarming, trending, reporting, etc. The location of the entire client computer can be mapped. For ease of seeing the whole picture clearly.

In addition, you can also check the status, follow-up control, including the management of related assets.

How are the benefits of Monitoring and Control!?

Efficient Centralized Configuration

Reducing down time in troubleshoots. Reducing costs, time, labor for maintenance and management. Configure and manage your client computers from one convenient, unified environment.

Flexible Display Console

Users can resizes the UI window, referenced the size of the display device. Through the website browser, KODE Alarms & Notified can display alerts within the operations dashboard.

Universal Connectivity

KODE ENDPOINT Management supports standard web browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Network simple device discovery makes integration seamless and efficient.

The Location Of The Device Is Clearly Visible

Client Device Location function can be configured for displaying the locations and status of widely dispersed assets in the form of floor plan map.

Supporting guidelines on the protection of personal data
According to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

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