To handle with the daily busy work, reduce time and maintenance costs to be lost

✓ Manage all client computers from centralize.
✓ Control the client computers different network address, or different location.
✓ Group client computers by branches.
✓ The end users can chat with the admin directly.
✓ The software works in silent mode so it does not interfere with the work screen of the end users.

We supports the work of all organizations. By KODE ENDPOINT™ Desktop Management software offer a Demo version of KODE ENDPOINT™ for a maximum of 30 days, 1 administrator account per 10 client computers.

Interested parties can fill in a form to register for support for a Demo version of the KODE ENDPOINT™ software. To fill in a form in all correct and complete information. For information for business operation to consider approving the use of software from the company.

Interested in KODE ENDPOINT™ Management

Desktop Management platform
Costs saving, work optimized and flexibility in work

The easy way to reduce costs
Increase efficiency, support to IT work and related
Support work anywhere

Supporting guidelines on the protection of personal data
According to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)